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VIP Group Information


If you have a group that would like to attend Fright Farm and have a special experience consider booking a VIP Group Package! Your group will be able to relax, socialize, and have fun together all evening in your own private tent! To schedule your group, please fill out the Group Reservation Form at the bottom of this page. Advanced reservation and security deposit of $250.00 is required. We no longer arrange bus transportation. Once your online reservation is received a member of the Fright Farm VIP team will be in contact with you.


Reservation Includes:

Admission Ticket

Private Tent

Designated Hayride Departure Time


*bonfire includes one bundle of firewood (additional bundles available for purchase).


$45/person Thursdays/Sundays
$55/person Fridays
$60/person Saturdays


Thursday and Sunday bookings minimum of 20 people
Friday and Saturday bookings minimum of 25 people


**Upgrade your tent to Xpress, call Rich Farms Inc. for further information.


***VIP reservations that are made within 72 hours of preferred date, must be paid for in-full at time of booking.



With a VIP GROUP TENT PACKAGE, your group will receive admission, a private army tent in TENT CITY with a 16′ picnic table inside and a campfire directly outside of your tent (bonfire includes one bundle of firewood – additional bundles available for purchase). Your group will be given a designated time to go through the attraction regardless of the crowd size. At that set time, we will bring your group to a Hayride wagon where you can all ride, with no wait. After you complete the attraction, your group will return back to their tent for continued socializing and fun! VIP’s may bring their own food and beverages. You can also purchase a VIP Group Food Package (shown below).

Family Night is Saturday, October 14th (No Alcohol permitted).


Let us take care of the food for your group! We will take your order, prepare the food, and deliver it to your VIP Group Tent at your desired delivery time. We require that most Food Packages are ordered 48 hours in advance. Add Bottled Waters or Sodas to any Food Package for $2 each. Please contact Mindi 724.317.9007 with any questions regarding Food Packages.

**Food package payment needs to be paid 2 weeks in advance of the reservation date and is non-refundable.  If food package is added/ordered within 2 weeks of the reservation date, payment in full will be required at the time the order is placed. **


Food Package #1 The Wraith

20 Hot Dogs;
24 Chicken Tenders;
1 large pan of French Fries;
1 – 3lb pan of Nachos with a Souvenir cup of cheese;
Ketchup, Mustard, Plates, & Napkins;
*serving tongs included.

Food Package #2 The Banshee $350

 40 Hot Dogs;
48 Chicken Tenders;
2 large pans of French Fries;
2 – 3lb pans of Nachos with 2 Souvenir cups of cheese;
Ketchup, Mustard, Plates, & Napkins;
*2 serving tongs included.

Food Package #3 The Necromancer $235

20 Hot Dogs;
20 Hamburgers;
1 – 5lb pan of baked beans;
1 large pan of pasta salad;
Ketchup, Mustard, Plates, & Napkins;
*forks & serving spoons included.

Food Package #4 The Fantasma $200

2 – 16” Italian Hoagie Rings (serves approx. 20 each);
3 – 18” pizzas (8 cut) (cheese or pep);
25 assorted snack-size bags of chips;
Mayo & Italian packets, Plates, & Napkins.

Food Package #5 The Poltergeist $200

4 – 18” pizzas (8 cut) cheese/pepperoni;
1 – 3lb pan of meatballs w/sauce (60 meatballs);
18 petite hoagie buns;
25 assorted snack-size bags of chips;
Parmesan Cheese, Red Pepper Flakes, Plates, & Napkins;
*Serving spoon included.

Food Package #6 Goblin Deez S’mores

S’mores platter – 24 servings;
Graham Crackers;
Hershey Bars;
*Roasting sticks included.

Food Package #7 Bobbin’ for Apples

Candy and Caramel Apple Platter;
Assortment of 24 Candy and Caramel Apples;
*Note: Caramel apples may have sprinkles, nuts or chocolate chip toppings.



Food Package #8 Trick or Treat $100

Gourmet Dessert Platter;
Assortment of 24 Halloween Themed Novelty Treats;
Chocolate Covered Oreos;
Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters;
Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Treats;
Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops;
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods;

A La Carte Individuals / Add-Ons

16” Italian Hoagie Ring (serves approx. 20) – $45;
20 Hot Dogs – $50;
20 Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers- $90;
48 Chicken Tenders – $50;
1 pan of French Fries – $40;
3lb pan of Nachos
     – with a souvenir cup of cheese – $35;
2 Dozen Provolone Sticks – $35;
4 Dozen Provolone Sticks – $65;
Bottled Water or Soda – $2 each;

Ketchup, mustard, plates, napkins – $10;
Styrofoam cups – 25 for $10;
Additional serving spoon – $5;
Additional serving tongs – $5;
Additional eating utensils (forks & spoons available) – 48 for $5

VIP Reservation Form