What are the hours of operation?
Fright Farm’s ticket booth is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 6:00pm to 9:45pm & Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00pm to 11:30pm.  The Fest-Evil Midway opens at 7:00pm and Hayride of No Return wagons roll at dusk. As long as you purchase your ticket before the closing times, you will get to tour all of the attractions. To view our complete calendar of dates and times, CLICK HERE




What is the price of admission?
For full details on our Admission and Tickets, CLICK HERE




Do you offer group rates?
Yes! For full details on our Group Packages, CLICK HERE




Do you accept credit cards?
We accept all major credit cards at our Ticket Booth, Merchandise (Rich Farms Market), and Food Concessions; however, we recommend cash, as our credit cards lines have extended wait times for processing and a small service fee.


Credit Card Ticket Service Fees:
1 ticket = 1.00
2 tickets = 1.99
3 tickets = 2.99
4 tickets = 3.99
and so on




Can I buy tickets in advance?
Yes you can! CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets online. ONLINE TICKETS MUST BE REDEEMED AT THE TICKET BOOTH PRIOR TO ENTERING ATTRACTION LINES. Your ticket is valid for 1 entry to Fright Farm (Festival Midway and all 4 attractions) during any of our 2018 operating nights.


Your ticket expires once you redeem it to enter Fright Farm or at the close of business on November 1, 2018. We do not allow refunds.




I want to book a VIP Group Tent. Is the $250 deposit an additional fee or is in included?
When booking a VIP group we require a $250 deposit.  This deposit is to reserve your tent and must be paid at time of booking.  Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.  This amount will be refunded to you or can be put toward your total amount when paying.




Who should NOT ENTER the Fright Farm attractions?
No one should enter the Fright Farm attractions if they are so scared that they will not enjoy the experience. We do not have any age restrictions; however, we strongly discourage bringing young children. We recommend children over 12 years old. Please keep in mind that there are no refunds, even for those who are too scared to enter or complete the attractions.


Anyone who is pregnant or thinks they may be pregnant, has heart conditions, is prone to epileptic seizures, is claustrophobic, or is in poor health, should not tour the attractions.


Our attractions include lots of walking, standing in queue lines, tight spaces, ramps, and multiple staircases.
Anyone who is negatively affected by strobe lights, loud noises, water based fog, scented oils, hot or cold temperatures, or extreme darkness.




Is there an age restriction for children?
We do not have any age restrictions; however, we strongly discourage bringing young children. We recommend children over 12 years old. Please keep in mind that there are no refunds, even for those who are too scared to enter or complete the attractions.




Is there on-site parking?
Yes. We have a large parking area that can hold hundreds of vehicles. Parking is FREE. Guests will park, walk to the ticket booth to purchase tickets / redeem online tickets, and then enter the walkway to the Festival Midway. Those that purchase tickets online and printed them at home can simply park and then advance to the online ticket sales window at the ticket booth. ONLINE TICKETS MUST BE REDEEMED AT THE TICKET BOOTH.




Will there be food, beverages, and souvenirs/merchandise available for purchase?
Yes! Our Concession Stand serves delicious, hot food and drinks including pizza, cheese steak subs, chicken tenders, hot dogs, french fries, nachos and cheese, pepperoni rolls, provolone cheese sticks, onion rings, deep fried Oreos and Twinkies, boxes of candy, bottles of soda and water, energy drinks, hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider, and more!


We also have a large variety of merchandise available for purchase at our Market including T-Shirts, Rhinestone Tees, Hooded Sweatshirts, Crew Neck Sweatshirts, Fleece Zip Vests, Sweat Pants, Boxer Shorts, Toboggans/Beanies, Hats, Gloves, Rain Ponchos, Plastic Cups, Shot Glasses, Lanyards, etc.




Does Fright Farm close if it rains?
Fright Farm will operate if it rains. We only close for extreme weather conditions and storms. Please keep in mind that some of our attractions are outdoors, so dress accordingly. (We recommend rain coats and waterproof/mud boots).




What should I wear?
We recommend wearing warm, comfortable clothes and layers. Some nights can become very cold and even rain or snow. Some of our attractions are outdoors and you will be walking (the rain may cause the ground to become soft and muddy). For that reason, please wear comfortable tennis shoes or boots. We DON’T recommend wearing nice clothes, dresses, shorts, flip-flops/sandals, high heels, furry boots.


If you arrive at Fright Farm and forgot to bring layers, we sell hooded sweatshirts, rain ponchos, toboggans/beanies, gloves, etc at our Box Office, “Fright Farm Gear” Merchandise booth, and Market building.




Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is NOT allowed within any of the Fright Farm attractions. Smoking is allowed in our Midway and at designated areas. If our Staff or Security sees you smoking, we will ask you to put out your cigarette immediately. If you refuse to comply, you will be removed from the attraction without a refund.




Can we take photos at Fright Farm?
You may take as many photos as you wish at the Festival Midway. In fact, we have several Photo Op locations and encourage photography at those designated spots.


However, once you board the wagon for the Hayride and advance through the 4 attractions, all photography and video is prohibited. The attractions are dark and people’s eyes (especially the Actors) adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera, not only are you ruining the experience for others, but you’re hurting the Actors’ eyes. A constant flash may also cause a patron or Actor to have a seizure.




How long is the wait in line?
Our wait times can vary greatly, depending on the day of the week and number of guests. Weekends tend to have much longer lines than weekdays. To reduce your chances of experiencing longer lines, we recommend attending on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday.




What if I do not want to wait in line?
For guests who wish to reduce their wait time, you may upgrade your General Admission or Group ticket to an Xpress Pass for an additional fee. Xpress Passes are sold from our Ticket Booth and Concession Stand. The Xpress Pass allows you to advance to the front of the line for the Hayride Of No Return, Hallow Grounds, Frightmare Mansion, and Terror Maze.
For a complete list of Fright Farm’s ticket prices, CLICK HERE.




Can I choose which order I want to tour the attractions in?
No. All attractions are linked. If you wish to skip any attractions, look for a bypass lane, or let an attendant know, and they will let you know where to go.




Can I get a REFUND if I get too scared to go in or I need to leave Fright Farm for some reason AFTER my ticket is scanned?
No. Fright Farm’s 5 haunted attractions are intense and scary. They may not be suitable for young children or the weak at heart. Please consider this carefully before purchasing a ticket as there are NO refunds. If you have a ticket and are in our queue line after we have closed (9:45pm weekdays, 11:30pm weekends), you will still be able to tour all of 4 attractions. We will extend our hours to accommodate everyone in line.




Can we be removed from Fright Farm’s attractions for any reason?
Yes. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar or aggressive behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, smoking, etc. We have a list of rules that must be adhered to for your own safety.
Violation of these rules will begin with a warning. Failure to comply will then result in a Security escort and you will be asked to leave. You will not receive a refund.




Do the actors touch or grab me?
No. The actors will NOT touch you; however, they do get very close. Due to the close proximity, it is possible that you may brush up against sets, actors, costumes, or props. Guests are not allowed to touch the actors, sets, or props. If a member of our Management Staff or Security Team sees you purposely touching, grabbing, or harassing an actor or prop, we will remove you from Fright Farm without a refund.




Can my friends and I wear our Halloween costumes when we come to Fright Farm?
No. For safety reasons, guests are not permitted to wear costumes.




What is the minimum age to work at Fright Farm?
You must be at least 16 years of age to work with us. If you would like to apply for Employment, CLICK HERE